Spray Lining Recommendations

While we develop a better location to allow others to share their experience with Spray Lining products, feel free to share your recommendations on this page.

1 thought on “Spray Lining Recommendations

  1. I would recommend a Spray Linings and Coatings (or equivalent) spray-in bed liner. I have never had it done myself, but I have seen it in other guy’s trucks and it is far superior to the plastic slide in liners. I think you can get a kit to do it yourself, which would probably be fairly reasonable.The problem with the plastic liners is that they wear into the paint wherever they make contact with the sides/bed of the pickup box, and things slip and slide around too much. The Spray-Lining liner gives the box a nice durable textured coating which is non-slippery. Granted it is more permanent, but it will prevent any scratches and rust, and won’t dent as easy either.

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