Spray in Bedliners West Virginia – French Creek, Adrian, Rock Cave

At JE Spray Lining and Coatings in French Creek, WV Bedliners and Coatings for your truck , SUV, JEEP or any Off Road vehicle is our target. If you are looking into Rhino Lining, Line-X or Scorpion Bedliners and want a better quality job you found the right place.

Service, Quality and Warranty

JE Spray Lining maintains a unique lifetime transferable warranty for your bedliner.
We offer Coating Services listed on the right and other custom protective coating.

  • Truck Beds
  • Fenders
  • Jeeps
  • Off Road
  • Rock Crawlers
  • Mud Racing
  • Commercial Construction
  • Industrial

The Spray-Lining Warranty covers all Spray Bedliners
We use the best of class manufacturer of high quality coatings and linings for protecting your vehicles. JE’s SprayLining applies spray on bedliner, protective coatings for industrial protection, farms and manufacturing. Spray-Lining is a manufacturer of these coatings and provide a superior level of service directly to their dealers and distributors. This is why we can extend a lifetime, truly transferable warranty to all of our customers, distributors and dealers. View the Spray-Lining Warranty

JE’s Spray Lining provides coating services for a wide range of applications including: Trucks, ATV’s, Jeeps, RVs, Trailers and Dump Trucks.
Spray-lining coating products are used in the finest and most durable coatings for commercial and industrial coating applications.

We beat Rhino, Line-x and Scorpion


Coating for Trailers and RV’s


Thickness and Quality

Many Bedliner companies cut costs by spraying what they can get away with. This means you may have a suboptimal liner installation on your truck bed walls or near the back of your bed. Often the rails are sprayed thicker to give the appearance of a great application of bedliner. Don’t be fooled by this.
At JE’s we use proper quality control to guarantee the right mil height on your installation: 100 mils on areas needing more protection and between 60-80 mils on lesser wear areas.

The Details about our Spray on Bedliner

Compare US to the Rest

We provide the best warranty
Our service is number one
JE’s Spray Bedliners is 100% safe and 100% VOC free
Perfect coverage for all applications
Experienced in all applications
The staff to support the demand

Other Bedliner Dealers in the Area

Questionable application process
No lifetime transferable warranty
Smaller shops with less experience
Much greater price
Little focus on satisfaction after the sale

Make sure to compare us to Line-X, Rhino Linings and Scorpion. Do the research for a spray in bedliner for your truck, jeep, rock crawler, CJ, SUV, fleet vehicles or other applications. We are sure that once you look at the competition you will see that we have the best warranty, service and price (for what you get). This is an application for a large investment. So, cheaper is not necessarily better. Give us a call at 1-855-545-4900 once you are ready to get the best. A list of other bedliner companies you should compare